Our Commitment to Safety and Security

Martz Gold Line is deeply committed to providing the highest levels of safety and security for our customers and colleagues. We have created this culture through ongoing training of each member of our organization, and we reinforce it every day in every interaction with our staff, management, vendors and riders.

Every Martz driver receives a minimum of 168 hours of intensive basic training, which includes classroom work, a skills course and highway driving. Martz is among a small number of motor coach operators that utilize a driving simulator to enhance training.

Training and performance monitoring is ongoing. Electronic devices and covert highway observations ensure that Martz drivers are performing according to our high safety standards.

Martz motor coaches are equipped with GPS and cameras, which monitor every driver and coach location. Advanced communication systems ensure that all coaches are in contact with our operational centers.

Martz receives the highest possible ratings from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Department of Defense, Transportation Security Administration and Transportation Security Exchange.

Martz safety and training personnel are active members of professional organizations committed to motor coach safety and security.

Martz’s reputation in the motor coach industry has brought requests from other motor coach companies to provide training and expertise to their drivers and safety departments.